SNL U - Academic Support and Sports Activity Program

SNL Sports Academy is partnering with AlphaBEST to bring a remote school day to bring the SNL U, an Academic Support and Sports Activity (ASSA), program to Reading.
SNL U opened our doors to children Wednesday 9/23, and the kids enjoyed 3 great days of engaged remote learning with followed by fun and games in our indoor athletic space!
Monday 10/5 – Friday 10/9
School Day Programming (7AM – 3PM) Options
1 Day $72.00* NEW
2 Day $140.00* PRICE REDUCED
3 Day $204.00* PRICE REDUCED
5 Day $320.00* PRICE REDUCED
Full Day Programming (7AM – 6PM) Options
1 Day $99.00* NEW
2 Day $192.50* PRICE REDUCED
3 Day $280.50* PRICE REDUCED
5 Day $440.00* PRICE REDUCED
After School Programming (3PM – 6PM) Options
2 Day $65.00* NEW
3 Day $95.00* NEW
5 Day $150.00
Grades 1-6
Program Location – 1 General Way (Former Gold’s Gym and Reading Athletic Club Site)
Learning Space
Athletic Space
If you choose a 1, 2 or 3 day pass, you will have the option to select which days you would like your child to attend.  In the event those days are at capacity we will contact you.
The Program
AlphaBEST Education has designed a full day program, [email protected], to support families during those days when the student is not in the classroom. [email protected] facilitates the student’s distance learning and adds enrichment, fitness, lunch, and quiet time in a safe, supervised environment. Our daily schedule will be customized to fit Reading Public School needs.
SNL Sports Academy will partner with AlphaBEST to bring engaging and safe distanced sports activities and games to the program in each daily session. SNL has added Joe Finigan to the SNL team who brings over 30 years of academic teaching and administration experience in Reading Public Schools to help SNL and AlphaBEST bring the best possible program to students and families in these difficult times.
Programming will run 7AM – 6PM Mon – Fri.
Program Location – 100 General Way (Former Gold’s Gym and Reading Athletic Club Site)  
We continue to work diligently with the Town of Reading to finalize programming details but expect to be running for the first full week of remote school in Reading on 9/21. For more information please contact us at [email protected].
Q1 – What should my child bring?
A peanut and tree nut free lunch, a disposable water bottle, a mask and a fully charged laptop or tablet with charger, headphones and microphone, any school work assigned to be done during remote school days, school supplies (paper, pencils) in a backpack.
Q2 – How will the program groups be setup?
We will arrange the children in groups of 13 or less by grade and then by school.
Q3 – Who are the academic support staff?
SNL U will be staffed with a combination of former teachers, para educators and college students with an education major.
AlphaBEST’s runs programming in 11 states and serves over 25,000 students daily. 
SNL Sports Academy runs flag football, mixed indoor and outdoor recreational sports in 7 Middlesex county towns in dozens of schools with nearly 5000 children a week in our programming.

Phone: (781) 983-4976
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